Our Team

We're Miracle Express - A team of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who are dedicated to giving back and making a difference in our local communities and beyond. The Miracle Express team is focused on fundraising for families in need and delivering miracles to their doorsteps.


Michael R. Doyle - Founder

Michael has worked for numerous companies including Stonehenge Lt. and Greater Media Radio of New Jersey. During his term at Stonehenge Ltd., CEO & President Irwin Sternberg mentored and challenged Michael to develop new strategies that would allow Stonehenge to thrive in the men's neck wear industry. Michael worked on some of the most successful marketing campaigns for the best selling and hottest brands in the history of neck wear. Some of those brands include the following; Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Valvano, Christopher Reeves, Buzz Aldrin, and Miles Davis. Due to his efforts, Stonehenge Ltd. was awarded Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and Advertising Age top 100 Companies.

Michael joined Greater Media in February of 2011. In his first year in radio, he brought in clients from Monmouth and Ocean counties that other representatives had struggled with for years. Michael created concise strategic marketing ideas that would that would overcome clients' objections and focus on the strengths of their products and services. Michael integrated on-air, on-stream, interactive elements and event sponsorship opportunities that effectively distinguished his clients businesses from their competitors. These efforts won Michael several **Hits of the Week** Awards.

Michael also created a unique on-air campaign called "Greetings from the Historic Asbury Park, Home of Bamboozle 2012." This special highlighted and promoted Asbury Park, its municipality and local businesses, and Live Nations Bamboozle.


James P. Byrne - Executive director

After an unfortunate car accident James P. Byrne had to hang up his spikes professionally but still enjoys the game as an amateur.  Professionally he is now a Financial Consultant and runs his own wealth management practice within AXA Advisors throughout NJ with 3 main offices in Woodbridge, Wall & Morristown.  He focuses his attention on helping individuals, families and closely held businesses to accumulate, preserve and protect their wealth via a comprehensive planning approach. He is also responsible for attracting, selecting, placing & promoting individuals throughout New Jersey.

JP is also involved with and runs two other charities for children and young adults with special needs not only in the Tri-state area but also nationwide.  He and his team paired up with Spartan Race and helps to run 15-18 events nationwide throughout the year.  In the free time that exists after all of that he enjoys spending time on the golf course with his girlfriend and also spending time with friends and family.


Natasha Siboni - Secretary

Natasha Siboni grew up and still resides in Wall Township, New Jersey. Ms. Siboni graduated Georgian Court University with a minor in Early Childhood Education and a BA in Psychology. Her love for children has always come naturally which has led to her childcare career for over 15 years. She is extremely organized and has a side hobby organizing and de-cluttering peoples homes as well. Natasha has a passion for lighting up children’s lives and has taken a vast interest in the Miracle Express organization. 

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Keith Shaffer - Director of technology

As a young man raised in Middletown, New Jersey, Keith Shaffer has always had an innate drive to help.  He graduated with a bachelor’s in computer engineering from Fairfield University. Keith worked as an IT support engineer right out of college.  His hard work and dedication not only helped tackle large problems for his clients, but also quickly promoted him to partner.  He has been a loyal employee and trusted Partner of Fairdinkum Consulting for over 13 years.  Always the neighborhood “computer guy”, he has never hesitated to help out with any issues, large or small.  With four nephews and a Godfather three times over, Keith’s love for family and friends is a major focus in his life. He is extremely elated and humbled to be apart of Miracle Express and the joy it will bring to countless children and families in the years to come.


If you or someone you know is experiencing a real life hardship and could use the help of our organization, we encourage you to share your/their story with us by emailing info@miracleexpress.org. We are COMMITTED to instilling belief back into families and their respective communities. With the continued support from sponsors, donors and volunteers, we can be the change we want to see in the world!